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Athletic injuries - Arthroscopic surgery
Vossinakis Ioannis
Orthopedist Volos

The doctor is specialized in arthroscopic treatment of sports injuries.

Arthroscopic surgery is the safest and most effective option for dealing with atherosclerotic injuries as well as other conditions affecting major joints. Offers minimization of surgical trauma and postoperative pain as well as rapid recovery and usually one-day hospitalization.

The knee and shoulder are the joints most commonly applied to arthroscopic surgery, such as the treatment of ruptures of the meniscus, the kisser, the crooked petal, the follicle or the cartilage. In the ankles can be treated osteochondral fractures, free bodies or arthroscopically assisted arthrodesis, elbow osteophytes purification to improve mobility and removal of free bodies.

At the hip end, the use of arthroscopy for the treatment of crash or rupture syndrome and the removal of free bodies is limited.





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