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Arthrodesis - Osteotomies - Bone deformities
Vossinakis Ioannis
Οrthopedist Volos

Arthrodesis, osteotomy, correction of bone strains, bone elongation with osteogenesis (Ilizarov).

Osteotomy and arthrodesis are alternative methods of treating arthritis. They are used in rare cases with contraindication for arthroplasty in the large joints and more often in smaller joints, such as ankle and joints of the fingers in the hand and the leg.

They relieve the patient of the pain but eliminate the movement of the joint.

Bone deformities or unevenness (difference in length between the two extremities), either from birth or after fractures, as well as pseudo-fractures (failure to break fractures), can be effectively addressed by the Techniques of Dental Osteogenesis, in which the doctor is specialized.

Treatment is demanding and long-lasting, with very good results.






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