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Intra-articular, periarticular, infantile infusions
Vossinakis Ioannis
Οrthopedist Volos

Many musculoskeletal problems are effectively treated by injections of various substances, both as a single treatment and in combination with other means, such as medication and physical therapies.

For frequent tendinitis corticosteroid infusions have satisfactory results, although sometimes transient. They are often used together with a local anesthetic and for diagnostic purposes. Hyaluronic acid and platelets (PRP) may provide longer-lasting relief or elimination of symptoms.

Cortisone can also aid in peripheral nerve trapping syndromes (carpal tunnel, ulnar or radial v.) Or in nerves (e.g., Morton).
In arthritis of small and large joints, cortisone has now limited use. Hyaluronate injections, alone or together with chondroitin, have been shown to alleviate pain for a long time and may slow the damage to articular cartilage by delaying the progression of arthritis. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) appears to have similar effects. Often (PRP) and hyaluronate are used simultaneously to enhance efficacy, but the benefit of this combination is not yet fully documented. Infusions can also be made in the hip with x-ray control and under mild anesthesia in a surgical environment, as it is a joint that is deep enough in the body and is not easily accessible.

It should be stressed that arthritis in the final stage (4th), when there is a great stiffness and / or night pain, is treated only surgically by joint replacement (arthroplasty) or arthrodesis.







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