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Vossinakis Ioannis - Surgeon Orthopedist Volos - Athletic Injuries Volos

The Doctor {medium}

Scientific director of Orthopedics Department of Anassa Clinic.


Athletic Injuries {medium}

Arthroscopic surgery (knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, hip)


Arthroplasty {small}

Hip, knee, shoulder, metaphorsophageal, including revision


Arthrodesis {small}

Osteotomy Correction of bone defects, bone elongation with osteogenesis (Ilizarov)


Treating fractures {small}

Including basin and acetabulum.

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Ioannis Vossinakis | Orthopaedic Surgeon Volos

Mr Ioannis Vossinakis is an ortopaedic surgeon based in Volos, Greece.

He is a sports injury/arthroscopy, hip and knee specialist, He also specialises in the correction of bone deformities with distraction osteogenesis techniques and in traumatology including pelvic and acetabular fractures.

He offers patients complete, high quality servises in a reliable and responsible manner.

He is affiliated with Vioiatriki and EY CLUB.





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